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About Your Clinton Township Gratiot DDA--Minutes

The Clinton Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a group of business owners, governmental officials and residents working to improve the economic status and character of Gratiot in Clinton. Gratiot in Clinton is an area of Gratiot Avenue which is 2.5 miles long from 14 Mile on the south to bank of the Clinton River to the north. 

The DDA is organized under the Public Act 197 of 1975 and local ordinance 338.  The DDA was established in 2002. For the first three years, the DDA has focused on the development of a Tax Increment Financing Plan (needed to fund future projects) and the Avenue Corridor Redevelopment plan for the district. Recent efforts have centered on the preparation of a Vision and Brand for the district.

The DDA has positioned itself to effectively take advantage of resources with the development of its first comprehensive Work Program and Budget.

The DDA welcomes your ideas and suggestions.  Please contact Carlo Santia, Planning Director for Clinton Township, at 586-723-8083.

What is the purpose of a Downtown Development Authority?

The State of Michigan passed the Downtown Development Authority Act in 1975 to give municipalities a tool for helping business to improve the quality of downtown and business corridor areas.  Clinton Township created its DDA in 2001 to help revitalize the Gratiot cooridor from 14 Mile Road north to Wellington Crescent.

What is the vision for the Clinton Township DDA?

The vision for the DDA is to undertake public improvements that have the greatest impact in strengthening the area and attracting new private investment.

How is the DDA funded?

The DDA is a quasi-public agency that diverts a portion of property tax revenues from properties in the district for public improvements.  This is not a special assessment, and DDA property owners do not pay any additional taxes.  Instead, the DDA redirects increases in future property assessments generated by property value escalation for projects that benefit the Gratiot area directly.  It's important to note that no other property tax funds from other areas of the township are used to subsidize the Gratiot area improvements made under the DDA.

Who administers the DDA?

The work of the DDA is currently conducted by a small staff in the township's Planning and Community Development department and a citizens committee appointed by the township's Board of Trustees.  These individuals volunteer their time, talent and expertise to the DDA for the benefit of the Gratiot area.

What future does the Gratiot corridor hold for new businesses coming to the Detroit metropolitan area?

Gratiot Avenue in Clinton Township is proud of its rich automotive heritage coupled with today's growing retail and entertainment base in central Macomb County.  Traversing more than 25 miles through two counties and eight communities, Gratiot Avenue offers new businesses an opportunity to join a diverse business base that includes retail, professional service firms, and world recognized healthcare and educational facilities.

How would you describe the Gratiot corridor in Clinton Township?

Gratiot Avenue is a familiar landmark in metropolitan Detroit.  Originally an Indian trail through the Michigan territory wilderness, Gratiot was one of the first roadways to be lined with planks as a toll road.  More than 150 years later Gratiot now carries more than 70,000 vehicles daily in the township.  The DDA recognizes that much of what makes a business district special is the personal experiences between business owners and their customers.  A landscaped median divides the corridors north and south bound traffic lanes.  A lighting project is scheduled for 2009.  And most important, the corridor provides plenty of opportunities for leaseholders as well as for new developers through property acquisition and consolidation.

  The Gratiot Downtown Development Authority is a vision for the future

Located along the Gratiot Avenue Corridor from 14 Mile and extending past 16 Mile to Wellington Crescent, this 3 mile stretch is on the road to becoming a showcase for Macomb County shopping, business, dining, entertainment, etc.

The Clinton Township Downtown Development Authority commissioned the Gratiot Avenue Redevelopment Plan to provide immediate strategies for corridor beautification and redevelopment to position Clinton Township as leader in Michigan's urban land-use initiative.

We have a great vision for the DDA and we welcome input and ideas from business owners and residents.

To learn more about the DDA, attend a monthly DDA meeting, view past meeting minutes, or download the Gratiot Avenue Redevelopment Plan, click here.



Agendas and Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2011
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