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  A Special Invitation to Visit Gratiot Avenue in ClintonTownship

 As Supervisor of the CharterTownship of Clinton, I would like to personally invite you to consider Gratiot Avenue in any future business planning.  ClintonTownship is the most populous township in Michigan with nearly 100,000 residents.  Gratiot Avenue, with more than 70,000 vehicles traveling the corridor everyday, is one of the busiest thoroughfares in the metro Detroit region.

 The Gratiot Downtown Development Authority has been busy since its founding in 2001 making important infrastructure improvements to the area.  Just over two years ago, the DDA and the township embarked on a landscaping initiative that now has the median looking better than ever.  At the same time, additional sidewalks, curbing and the recent repaving of the corridor from 14 Mile Road to north of Metropolitan Parkway have significantly improved the appearance of the business community.

 Now the DDA is installing energy efficient LED lighting along the entire corridor that will help light the way for businesses and shoppers.  It is the largest such project in the state and is being paid for by the DDA and Federal energy efficiency grants.

 Baker College continues to expand its Automotive Technology and CareerCenter campus on Gratiot.  The Hampton Inn just last year opened a new hotel on Gratiot just north of 14 Mile Road.  McDonalds, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Taco Bell, and the Fifth/Third Bank all have made or are planning major investments to their locations.

 Our three largest automotive dealers, Jim Causley Buick GMC, Mike Dorian Ford and Pat Moran Chevrolet are all in the midst of major renovations to their dealerships.  All three are in the top ten sales category nationwide of their respective American automotive manufacturers.

There is more on the DDA website…  But if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 586-723-8092.  I look forward to hearing from you.

 Robert Cannon

 Supervisor, the CharterTownship of Clinton

Macomb County features Gratiot Downtown Development Authority

Clinton Township's own Gratiot Downtown Development Authority has been featured in Macomb County's Annual Community Catalogue sent to hundreds of businesses and government offices throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area ClintonTownshipDDA/userfiles/file/clintoncountyad-001.jpg. For a copy of the catalogue contact DDA Liaison Joseph Peruzzi at 586-723-8045 or write to:

 LED lighting project on Gratiot something to be proud of...

 DTE Energy has provided a turn-key street lighting system to the DDA along Gratiot including engineering, installation, energy delivery and maintenance of the project. DTE currently has more than 1,000 LED lights installed in the Detroit metro area.

Each pole fitted with two LED arrays has been painted black and is fitted with banner arms to, in the future, fly special flags noting events and activities in Clinton Township.  The lights are designed to evenly light the corridor, meaning that a driver's eyes need not be adjusting hot spots along the thoroughfare, a condition found along the majority of lighted streets.

The new system also meets all Federal "dark skies" regulations.  The arrays are designed and positioned so as not to shine extraneous light skyward.

The technology now installed along the Gratiot corridor is some of the most modern in the world.  It is an installation to be truly proud of.